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Our Sheep

At Golden Grove Cottages we love being nestled amongst the lush farmland, and have taken the opportunity to keep some beautiful rare breed sheep which you will be able to see from the gardens during your stay. We have become rather fond of rearing these woolly creatures as you will see!
Sheep at Golden Grove Cottages

We started our flock with some Jacobs Sheep which were suitably handsome, characterful and hardy for our land.
Sheep arrive at Golden Grove Cottages
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'The views from the cottage are worth the stay alone!'

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The Jacobs are an ancient, wild breed that suits the welsh climate down to the ground. They apparently originate from Spain and look rather goat-like with their horns. Jacobs make wonderfully protective mothers produce fine lambs.
Early summer lambs at Golden Grove Cottages

Our dog occasionally takes on the role of mother to some of these lambs and does tremendously well, although she doesn’t like when the lambs try to get milk from her!
Lambie and Bonnie at Golden Grove Cottages

During the spring and summer there are sometimes opportunities for children to bottle feed the lambs (if being hand reared) or sneak in the occasional cuddle.
Opportunities for children to bottle feed the lambs

As the lambs grow, any bottle fed ones are released back to the flock but there are often opportunities for children to help take the lambs & ewes their feed in the field (accompanied by us).
Feed in field

Last year we decided to add another rare breed sheep to our flock, this time opting for one of the most charismatic breeds called Herdwicks. They have white heads and thick grey fleeces and originate from the Lake District and Cumbria where the famous author Beatrix Potter fell in love with them and kept a flock of her own. They are an impressive, expressive, characterful and robust breed.
Sheep in field
Jacob, Balwen and Herdick lambs

The newest additions to our flock are Badger Faced Welsh Mountain Sheep. We came across this wonderfully sociable, curious, mischievous and playful breed after adopting an orphan Torwen ewe lamb last spring and have since bought several more. There are 2 types of Badger Faced sheep: Torwen (white chested) and Torddu (black chested). These sheep are extremely hardy, live outside all year and lamb with ease.
Badger Faced Welsh Mountain Sheep

We are now once again looking forward to Spring and early Summer, when, thanks to some local rams, we will hopefully welcome a few Jacob, Torwen, Torddu and Herdick lambs. If you or your children would like to visit the sheep or take them their feed during your visit, please let us know and we’ll tell you what lambs we have at present.
visit the sheep or take them their feed during your visit

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